Former Patriots Kicker Stephen Gostkowski Missed FOUR Kicks Last Night

I woke up to the news that old friend and former Patriot Stephen Gostkowski missed FOUR kicks last night, including an extra point, and I just cringed. Granted one of them was tipped at the line, but holy hell what a disaster for the former Patriots place kicker.

Twitter was unsurprisingly ready to roast him.

Anddd then he stepped up and nailed the game winner from 25 yards out.

Now to be fair Stephen Gostkowski was statistically one of the best kickers in the league when he was with the Patriots. And it says a lot that the Pats started just their third kicker in a season opener in the last 20 years on Sunday. However, I never felt 100% comfortable with him kicking in late game situations. I wondered if maybe that was just be me remembering some isolated incidents, but then I went and actually looked it up. Nope, completely justified.

  • Missed extra point in SB LI
  • Missed FG AND missed extra point in SB LII
  • Missed 46 yarder in SB LIII
  • Missed extra point in the 2015 AFC Championship
  • Missed game winning FG to lose to Arizona in 2012
  • Belichick not trusting him and going for it on 4th and 13 at the 32 in SB XLII
  • Granted he didn’t finish the season due to injury, but he also missed four extra points in 2019.

So best of luck to Gostkowski in Tennessee, love ya, mean it, but Titans fans you are in for a wild ride. Now excuse me while I return to my team as they flip flop between a career journeyman in Nick Folk and a kicker the Pats drafted in the 5th round before cutting!

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