Cry Baby Grayson Allen Back After One Game Suspension: Is Going to Get MUGGED in the NBA


Yahoo SportsGrayson Allen’s indefinite suspension didn’t last long. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski reinstated his preseason All-American on Wednesday night after just a one-game absence. Allen started Wednesday’s 110-57 rout of Georgia Tech and helped spearhead the onslaught. The junior guard scored 15 points and dished out seven assists, providing the creativity and distribution off the dribble that Duke lacked with Allen unavailable for last Saturday’s loss at Virginia Tech.
You wanna talk about a guy that is going to get RAGDOLLED in the NBA? Grayson Allen is your guy. Now I’m not an NBA draft geek so maybe he won’t even get drafted, I don’t know (Draft Express has him ranked as their No. 38 prospect). I just assume every good player on top NCAA teams get there. And this kid is going to be the poster child for rude awakenings. Imagine if he’s tripping gigantic men in the NBA? He’s going to get snuffed. And before you throw Draymond Green out there saying he pulls the same stuff, Draymond Green can get away with this shit because he’s 6’7″ 230 lbs and looks like this:


Just for comparisons sake, Grayson Allen looks like this:


And what a puss Coack K is. I honestly don’t even care that he only had a 1 game suspension. But when you throw your balls down on the table and say your best player is going to be suspended for an “indefinite” period of time, you look pretty weak when after 1 game you relent. Come on K, you got Carmelo to play D-E-F-E-N-S-E in the Olympics for Christ’s sake.  I think you can handle one little rich kid.

P.S. – Still the best white yuppy who just jacks up shots to come out of Duke and actually make it in the NBA was and always will be JJ Reddick. That guy looked like he was gonna play himself out of the league, but he developed his game and most importantly got a sleeve tattoo and bang: legit NBA player.


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