Adam Schefter Pumping the Tires of Bill Belichick and I Love It


ESPN won’t let me embed videos, even when they say ‘hey here’s the link to embed.’ So you can watch the video here.

“Welcome to the Golden Age of Coaching. A time in when we’re witnessing the greatest college football coach of all-time and the greatest NFL coach of all time on Saturdays and Sundays… Saban and Belichick are admired yet not fully appreciated.”

Adam Schefter you beautiful bastard with those milk bottle glasses. Schefty was going for the Walter Cronkite look today so I wasn’t prepared for this verbal bouquet he threw Belichick’s way. He’s got a point though. Bill is admired as a great coach, but still takes shit  from people like the curmudgeons of the 72 Dolphins and course for never winning a title without Brady at QB. But the guy has 4 Super Bowl rings as a Head Coach, 6 rings overall and an unprecedented streak of dominance in winning the AFC East, making the AFC Championship game and this year he could break the record for most Super Bowl titles by a Head Coach all time (same for Brady who would stand alone at QB with 5 rings).


PS – I think if I were a Browns fan, this would ultimately be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and just makes me off myself. You had the greatest NFL coach of all time and probably the greatest college coach of all time in Nick Saban on your staff and let them both slip through your fingers. Now they got guys like Hue Jackson getting a pat on the back for NOT going winless and squeaking out a one-win season.


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