Pacific Pro Football Coming in 2018. YES! COUNT ME IN!


Yahoo – “The three are spearheading Pacific Pro Football, which is set to begin play in the summer of 2018. This is a new professional league, yet it isn’t looking to compete with the NFL – a la the now-deceased USFL or XFL. It is instead, a right-sized developmental option for young players. It has the potential to change the route to the NFL for many who neither want, nor find worth, in the current NCAA system. And it will give the NFL, which is often frustrated at the style of play and the secrecy of the college ranks, a place with a preferable set-up for training and identifying potential draft picks.”

Pacific Pro Football. YES!

USFL? RIP. NFL Euro? RIP. XFL? RIP. UFL? RIP Arena Football? Somehow still kicking around. But a new football league? Count. me. in. Will this be a potential disaster for already entitled teenage athletes? Ya probably. If I had thousands of dollars when I was 18 I’d probably be throwing deplorably named parties in exotic locations. But I get to watch another new type of football so I’m in.


Plus how pissed must some of these athletic freaks be? You mean I’m 6’4″ 240 lbs but I have to go pretend to go to class for 3 years so I can get paid? Even the NBA only requires 1 year with its newer rules. Now will most 18 year olds be ready for the League? No, absolutely not. But I’m sure JaDeveon Clowney would have been just fine a couple years earlier. So this PPF league aims to act like more of a developmental league, which could actually be a great idea. How many guys come into the NFL with great physical traits but absolutely no idea how to take a snap under center, read a defense, run a full route tree etc. This could help reduce the likelihood of NFL busts. Not to mention the whole injury concerns all these young guys have, leading to the new movement of guys just up and skipping bowl games. My man Jay-Z said it best on Dead Presidents 3:

Like LeBron or Sebastian, high school graduates
Straight to the league, I ain’t waitin’ for my knee to blow
Yesterday I was needin’ this dough

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