Roger Goodell Going to the Falcons Game AGAIN Rather than Take His Medicine in Foxborough


Look if Roger Goodell doesn’t wanna come into Foxborough I get it. Why go somewhere where you know the entire stadium is going to at best clown you and at worst treat you like Santa Clause in Philly. But come on man, its time to take the medicine. It’ll be theraputic for all the parties involved. Roger can make his appearance as the ambassador of the league should at one of the biggest games of the year. As Tyrion Lannister once told Joffrey: “You’re absence has already been noted.”

I seriously think Goodell needs someone like Paul Tagliabue to play the role of Tyrion in his life, give him a couple slaps and get his head on straight. You’re the goddamn commissioner of the NFL.

And Patriots fans can scream some F bombs from their seats and their couches. But come on dude, you’ll be in a luxury booth. Then you take the private elevator back to your transport and you’re done. And that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.


To instead go back to Atlanta for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW is bananas. That shit sticks out real bad. All it does is show that the commissioner is spooked about coming to Gillette. Can’t have that. Go grab a few glasses of merlot with David Stern and Gary Bettman and just listen to the war stories these guys have. They’ve eaten shit at every draft and championship trophy presentation, for years. And they actually seem to enjoy it. Take the medicine, Roger. You need it just as bad as us.

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