LeBron James Gets Popped by Draymond Green, Nearly Dies On Court


I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that wasn’t a pretty solid hit for an NBA game. LeBron’s a big guy, but so is Draymond Green. Did LeBron embellish it a wee bit? 100%

But thats besides the point. What I’m hear to talk about is LeBron’s quote after the game. He said he’ll be fine because “I’m a football player.” No, sir you are not. You’re actually one of the preeminent floppers in the floppiest league in the world outside of the Premier League. So no, you’re a basketball player.

Can we at the very least use this video as a reply to any talking head that throws out the lazy take “LeBron could play tight end in the NFL.” No he could not. He could absolutely play tight end in the Pro Bowl. But in a real NFL game, when he gets smoked coming over the middle by that human steroid James Harrison, LeBron would take his ball and go home. Or he’d be dead. Either way, kid ain’t playing in the NFL.

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