Chip Kelly is Meeting with Belichick and the Patriots After Not Getting Jaguars OC Job

Man I feel like I saw someone predicting this weeks ago. Oh right it was me.

Sure McDaniels may not be off to San Francisco, but tell me the Patriots and his good friend Bill Belichick would not welcome the offensive brain of Chip Kelly. I predicted Chip coming on as an offensive analyst for the Patriots earlier this month after SF dumped him. The guy needs to reboot his career after a couple of rocky years in San Fran and Philadelphia. Most of the NFL jobs are already dried up and I don’t think he wants to go back to college. Plus Oregon hired a new coach like 2 weeks before he got fired by the 49ers, which may be the only reason he’s not back in the NCAA ranks already.

Bill has a history of bringing on guys he trusts during playoff runs too. In 2011 he brought McDaniels on as an offensive analyst while Bill O’Brien was still the OC. Maybe it doesn’t happen in the playoffs, but I still see him ultimately joining the Patriots staff. It just makes too much sense.


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