Dino Radja from Downtown!

I know NBA Jam 2K17 was discussed here last week, but some new information has come into The 300s headquarters. The original Sega Genesis version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition can be played online, WITHOUT DOWNLOAD, at:


Welp, there goes my productivity this afternoon. You can also find the original NBA Jam on that site, but you can’t beat the 9-pointers only available in Tournament Edition. And don’t get me started on the garbage SNES version. No in-game music, just squeaky shoes. Brings me back to silent suicides my high school basketball team did after losing games. [I doubt those are even allowed any more. Probably aren’t allowed to call them suicides either. But I digress.]

Only real downside is not being able to play your buddies. NBA Jam against the computer is like playing Monopoly against the computer. It’s just not the same when you can’t taunt your pal for hitting Boardwalk two turns in a row and sniff the play money until he flips the board.

If anyone out there has a working Sega and a tube TV, we might need to set up the inaugural 300s NBA Jam Tournament Edition Tournament this spring. I’ll get working on the logo.

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