God Bless the Internet: Original NBA Jam Updated with 2017 Rosters


Kotaku – “If you want to play the original 1993 version of NBA Jam, but use LeBron James and Steph Curry instead of Shawn Kemp and John Stockton, then Hogs With A Blog have done you a great service and modded today’s superstars into yesteryear’s classic game.”

I’ve never been a hug ROM emulator guy, mainly because I’m afraid of my laptop exploding. Except for Pokemon Red/Blue. I played the shit out of that on my old Dell back in college. But, seriously God bless the internet. The original NBA Jam is one of my all-time top 5 sports games. It’s one of the most re-playable games to this day, 20+ years later. And thats with bums like Rick Smitts running the post.

I still remember scoring 70 points in a game with Reggie Miller, shooting 3 pointers exclusively. Nothing like a Best-of-7-Game series with your brother in your parent’s basement. So many smashed clickers. The most.

Now you can just wait for the 8-point hot spot and drain it from half court with Steph Curry? Yes please. I will say big time post and iso players are useless though. Sorry LeBron, you will be used exclusively to open up 3 pointers for JR Smith.

PS – How about Isaiah getting roasted in his Dunk and Power ratings? Jesus, I know the man is the same height as me but that’s savage.


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