How About Jimmer Fredette Averaging 38 Points a Game in China?!

To be honest, I did not read the majority of this article because I’m not a member of the exclusive ESPN Insider Club. But, how about my boy Jimmer Fredette averaging 38 points a game in China. 38! Now I know the CBA isn’t exactly the NBA, but putting up nearly 40 a game is impressive nonetheless. I still hold out hope he’ll be able to work himself into a solid NBA player like his 3-point specialist brethren JJ Reddick did.

Either way, these guys compiled one of the most dangerous basketball teams to ever step on the court in my old NBA2k franchise. I basically assembled the deadliest 3 point shooting team ever and completely bailed on any rebounding or post play. The ball touches your hands? You’re jacking up a 3. Jimmer Fredette. JJ Reddick. Ray Allen. I believe I had old man Mike Miller playing center just so he could step out and drain 3’s. And of course to top it all off I had Dougie McBuckets McDermott. It was like an And1 team and it was glorious. You ain’t got nothing on my team, Golden State.


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