Brace Yourselves, Ads On Jerseys Have Arrived


Here we go. Logos on NBA jerseys have arrived. I talked about how disastrous this would be for jersey guys last April and I haven’t changed my mind. One little GE patch isn’t the end of the world, but guys come on…you just slapped a washing machine logo on one of the most iconic jerseys of all time.

But my point is, this won’t be the end of it. The NBA isn’t going to just stitch one logo on a jersey, pocket the money and move on. No, no, no. In fact according to Darren Rovell, a bunch of owners already asked Wyc Grousbeck how much GE paid to have that logo on the Celtics jersey. I believe it was reportedly $7 million. So yea, I’m sure owners will just do that once and be done with it.

Nope, sooner than later the NBA is going to look like a goddamn La Liga game or a NASCAR race with all the advertising vomited onto jerseys.




And that is the No. 1 thing I hate about soccer; you don’t even know what the freaking team name is by looking at the jersey. That’s insane. If you weren’t a soccer fan, what would you think the name of this team is?


You’d think it was the Chevys or something. You would not know this is Manchester United OR a team from Manchester at all. So a quick preview of what to expect from NBA jerseys sooner than later:


PS – If anyone thinks that adding logos to jerseys will stop or even reduce the onslaught of commercials during an NBA game you are outside of your mind. Teams and owners will continue to squeeze blood out of a stone because we are all sheep who will sit through 12 commercials in the last 2 minutes of a game.


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