Could Trader Danny Help Get Carmelo to the Clippers in Exchange for JJ Redick and Paul Pierce?


CBS Boston – The Knicks desperately seem to want to move [Carmelo Anthony] and the Clippers are reportedly interested. The problem? The Clippers don’t really have the valuable assets necessary in order to make a deal happen. That’s where the Celtics come in, according to the Boston Globe...Well, there haven’t been any reports of specific players rumored to be involved, but CBS’s Matt Moore has a breakdown of a trade the could work for everybody involved using ESPN’s Trade Machine. In Moore’s trade, the Celtics would get: Guard JJ Redick, small forward Paul Pierce, and forward Luc-Richard Mbah Moute. The Knicks receive: Forward Amir Johnson, forward Jonas Jerebko, and guard Austin Rivers. The Clippers receive: Forward Carmelo Anthony

Soo the Celtics can, in theory, give up Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko to get JJ Redick, Paul Pierce and Luc-Richard Mbah Moute?


JJ Redick would be *deadly* on this Celtics team. Isaiah driving to the hoop and dishing out to a legitimate 3-point specialist? Buckets. And Paul Pierce would get to retire a Celtic. Granted I don’t know much about Moute, but I love that trade. Always been a huge Redick fan and all we have to give up is Amir and Jerebko? Best of luck guys. All just to help facilitate the Carmelo to LA for another first round playoff exit? Sure, sign me up.

Trader Danny is always lying in the weeds just waiting for shit like this. Oh you NEED to move a disgruntled, overpaid player? How can I be of assistance? Melo to the Clippers, lock it up. Draft Pick Danny doesn’t even have to give up any coveted second rounders!



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