Isaiah Thomas Wins Eastern Conference Player of the Month Award; Next Up is MVP


Isaiah Thomas just continues to play ball like a grown ass man. Another 44 points last night, with 19 in the 4th quarter to top the Raptors. Guy has scored 20+ points in every game but ONE this season. Got screwed out of the All-Star Game starting lineup, but today was named Eastern Conference Player of the Month for January. The last Celtics player to win that award? That would be Paul Pierce in 2012. That’s five fucking years ago. Kids have gone through college without seeing a single Celtics player win a player of the month award.

So the fact that Isaiah at 5’9″ (allegedly) can continue to put up 40 burgers and carry this team you have to start wondering when is the MVP talk going to be taken seriously? It’s not hyperbole anymore guys. If you think it is, you’re not paying attention. He’s the best player on the No. 2 team in the conference scoring 30-40 points a night and the Celtics would probably be a 30 win team without him. What else can the man do? How about half-court shots that hit nothing but net?


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