Mariners Top Spring Training Cap Power Rankings

A+ tweet, Mariners. The 300s can confirm that this hat is, in fact, ๐Ÿ”ฅ.

I’m semiretired from the hat game. Bought a ton in high school, college and right after college. Sadly, real world expenses have put a real dent in my sports apparel budget. A few times a year, though, something new catches my eye. This Mariners spring training cap definitely passes the eye test for me.

MLB unveiled their 2017 spring training collection earlier today, and the new Mariners cap is definitely the big winner. The Mariners already had a solid “fauxback” cap in their rotation, which features their current logo in their old color scheme. This new spring training cap seems like the next logical step – their old logo with their current color scheme.


Some other big winners today are the Cubs, who brought back their “angry cub” sleeve patch from the 80’s for their new spring training cap. The Mets continue to push Mr. Met back into the witness protection program and the Rays continue to push the limits of powder blue. The new Yankees cap might be the only swing and miss for me. Their pinstripes are iconic but seem out of place on the brim of a cap.

The whole 2017 Spring Training cap lineup can be seen on Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.Net.


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