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Arby’s Will Soon Have More Meats

  CNN Money – Arby’s is buying Buffalo Wild Wings, the chain of sports bars, for $2.9 billion. In an all-cash deal, Arby’s is paying $157 per share for Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD), a 7% premium based on Monday’s closing … Continue reading

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Evidence Mounts that Laptops Are Bad for Students at Lectures. You Think?

The Verge – Do you use a laptop or tablet to take notes during school lectures or meetings? If so, you might want to reconsider pen and paper; there’s increasing evidence that using laptops during lectures decreases learning, which can … Continue reading

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Scientists Just Changed the Rules on Blood Pressure. Half of Americans Now Have High Blood Pressure

Yahoo – New guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million Americans to those who have the condition, which now plagues nearly half of U.S. adults. High pressure, which for decades has been a top reading of … Continue reading

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Facebook is Stopping Your Nudes from Leaking…by Asking You to Send Facebook Your Nudes Directly

Ad Age – Facebook is fighting revenge porn in Australia … by asking for access to people’s nude photos. And the Australian government is involved in the effort. This all requires a bit more explanation: Australia is one of a … Continue reading

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Happy Declassified JFK Documents Day!

If you’re from Massachusetts then you know JFK is a goddamn legend around these parts. Seriously, I grew up with framed photos of JFK all around my parents’ house. An Irish Catholic Boston boy became the most powerful man in … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Makes it Clear He’s a “Merry Christmas” Guy

This guy is a big dumb animal, but even when its unintentional, he really is fucking hilarious. “Well guess what, we’re saying Merry Christmas again.” I mean he’s the ultimate example of “stick and move,” and “deny, deny accuse.” Just … Continue reading

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Russia Used Pokemon GO to Mess with US Presidential Election. Wait WHAT?

Yahoo – Russian cyber experts used the smartphone game Pokemon Go as part of their attempts to meddle with US politics, according to an investigation by CNN. Under the banner of Don’t Shoot Us, a collective that seemed to share … Continue reading

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