Woman Clings to Hood of Speeding Car to Stop Couple From Stealing Puppy

Click2Houston – A frightening scene on a Houston highway. A woman clung to the hood of a speeding car while trying to get back a stolen puppy. Police said they are now searching for one of two suspects they believe was involved after an arrest was made Tuesday…James said on Nov. 4, a couple came into her store to look at different breeds of dogs. They decided to buy a $10,000 exotic bully, according to James. Then as she went upstairs to grab paperwork for a nearby UPS driver, the couple left the store, the woman had the dog in her arms.

Surveillance cameras caught the couple leaving.

Then James bolted after them. She said her only concern was the 7-month-old bully, who just had surgery days earlier and needed special medication.

“My mind is focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing,” James said.

She chased the couple to their car. James said she demanded they give the dog back, instead, they hit her with the car, then threatened to run her over.

“Next time I heard the gas go, he went very aggressively and it (the bumper) kind of like slapped me on top of the car,” James said.

She clung to the car as they sped throughout the area.

This young lady can drink from my canteen any day. You have to watch the video to understand how crazy this scene really was. This wasn’t even her dog! She just worked at the pet store that this scumbag couple decided to rob.

Everybody bitches about their job, complaining about the horrible working conditions AKA your apartment. Meanwhile this woman is narrowly escaping death in the middle of her shift and laughing it off with Channel 2 later that week. I imagine her as Dante in Clerks when all this shit goes down and she’s on the hood of the car bombing down the highway just thinking to herself how she got into this situation.

The crazy thing is, I think every dog owner can relate to this situation. You better believe I’m jumping on the hood of that car if it’s my pup someone tries to snatch. I’ll throw hands with a nun if she’s trying to take my dog. This woman essentially turned into the T-1000 from Terminator 2 when these two dognappers tried to make away with the pup.

You can run, you can fight, but you ain’t getting this dog without adding Assault With a Deadly Weapon to your rap sheet. So for that I tip my cap to this pet store employee. Hopefully the owner gives this girl a raise for laying her life on the line for a part-time job.

PS – Don’t spend $10,000 on a puppy. There are tons of dogs you can rescue and adopt for 1/20th of that cost while saving a dog’s life and at the same time not supporting puppy mills.

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