Ken Jennings Opened His First Jeopardy Episode as Host With a Tear Jerking Alex Trebek Tribute

My tears weren’t even dry from the Alex Trebek tribute that Jeopardy ran on Friday following Trebek’s final episode before Ken Jennings came in and made my living room supremely dusty all over again.

Below is Friday’s tribute if you missed it.

Big Z is our in house game show expert so I won’t steal his thunder for a future blog on potential host options, but this is a reminder that technically Ken Jennings is guest hosting for the time being. With the thinking being that Jeopardy will try a few different hosts to see who would be the best fit long term. Obviously they would be wise to have a swift audition period because the No. 1 thing Jeopardy had going for it was consistency. People watched Jeopardy every night, not for the questions, but for Alex Trebek. I don’t know the numbers, but I would assume The Price is Right ratings took a hit after Bob Barker retired. Or even post-Regis Philbin on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Certain hosts are synonymous with the show they host so Jeopardy would be smart to find its guy quickly.

Jennings was a solid host in his first crack at the job and if nothing else you know he’s the smartest guy in the room and a Jeopardy fanatic; two of the qualities that made Trebek such a perfect fit. Nobody will ever match his charm, but thats an impossible task to conquer so Jeopardy will continue to search for the next best guy. Who knows, maybe Anderson Cooper is over politics after the last four years and after years of interest, Sony Pictures can finally lure the Silver Fox over to the game show!

In an impossible position, Jennings showed just how much Alex Trebek meant not just to fans across the country, but to himself personally. It was a touching tribute, one that perfectly read the room, and helped ease the transition to the next Jeopardy host.

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