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Alex Reimer Sets Record Straight on WEEI’s Red Sox Radio Broadcast Changes

So it seems like The Boston Globe may have jumped the gun a bit earlier this week when they reported that WEEI planned to change their Red Sox radio broadcast format to more of a talk-show type of deal. They … Continue reading

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Dutch Man Asks to Legally Change His Age; Court Says No, but He Doesn’t Care

(CNN) — Age cannot wither him — whatever a courtroom might rule. Dutchman Emile Ratelband insists his quest to turn the clock forward on his birth certificate is not over, despite a judge on Monday dismissing his request to legally become … Continue reading

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One of Patriots All-Time Unsung Heroes Gets 8 Years in Prison

It’s really been an AWFUL year for the once vaunted “Legion of Boom.” Once perhaps the most fearsome quartet in the entire NFL, former Seahawks defensive secondary mates Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Brandon Browner probably can’t wait … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics Releases New Footage of Robot Jumping Over Things, and We Should All Be Scared Shitless

Yesterday, Boston Dynamics released a new video of its “darling” robot Atlas jumping over/on to different objects in their lab, basically looking like Barry Sanders in his prime, for legitimately no other reason than the fact they think it’s cool. … Continue reading

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Bridgeport, Conn. Woman Loses Fingers After Lighting Dynamite She Thought Was Candle

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A woman blew off several fingers when she accidentally lit a quarter stick of dynamite in her home Thursday night, officials said. Assistant Fire Chief Michael Caldaroni, who was the battalion chief at the scene, said the woman … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Shark-Attack Victim “Punched” Shark to Escape, Making Dane Cook Proud

TRURO, Mass. — The man bitten by a shark off Cape Cod this month said on Tuesday he escaped by punching the powerful predator in the gills after it clamped down on his leg. In his first interview since the Aug. … Continue reading

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NBA Considers Three Rule Changes for 2018-19, and It’s All About the Offense, Baby

Bleacher Report – The NBA is reportedly exploring potential rule changes involving the shot clock and foul calls that would trigger a replay review. Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA competition committee is recommending resetting the shot clock to 14 seconds after offensive … Continue reading

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