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Pronounced like the general. I'm all about the Celtics, Pats, Sox, and fantasy football...and dogs. Former editor who's back on that writing flow, chiming in on all of the above, with perhaps some comic book news and conspiracy-fueled personal manifestos along the way.

Craig Kimbrel and His Insane Beard Likely on the Way Out of Boston

So it looks like there’ll be a lot less facial hair and excessive body-leaning in the ninth inning for the Sox next season. (Seriously, though, Kimbrel’s pre-pitch shtick drives me NUTS. I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve always hated … Continue reading

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Williams, Morris Shine Against Anthony Davis and the Celtics Are Surging

As already noted earlier today by Red, what a night it was for Bob at the Garden on Monday! His performance helped the Celtics win their seventh game in their last eight tries, and it really seems like The Green … Continue reading

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Patriots Dolphins Postgame Thoughts and Quick Hits

Yeah. Wow. I’m just as speechless as everyone else is right now. That was about the worst way imaginable to lose a game. But, in truth, the Dolphins shouldn’t have even had the ability to win the game on that … Continue reading

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Patriots Dolphins Week 14 Game Preview, Odds, and Storylines

After Sunday’s sound victory over Minnesota, many might be expecting the Patriots to roll over the Dolphins in Miami this week. But, any true Pats fan knows that Miami has been Brady’s own personal hell throughout his entire career. Not … Continue reading

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REAL TALK: Jason McCourty Has Been an Absolute STUD for the Patriots This Year

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Pats all year long, you’re probably aware that Jason McCourty has been playing extremely well this season – but even I didn’t realize just how dominant he’s been. Check this out from … Continue reading

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Dutch Man Asks to Legally Change His Age; Court Says No, but He Doesn’t Care

(CNN) — Age cannot wither him — whatever a courtroom might rule. Dutchman Emile Ratelband insists his quest to turn the clock forward on his birth certificate is not over, despite a judge on Monday dismissing his request to legally become … Continue reading

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One of Patriots All-Time Unsung Heroes Gets 8 Years in Prison

It’s really been an AWFUL year for the once vaunted “Legion of Boom.” Once perhaps the most fearsome quartet in the entire NFL, former Seahawks defensive secondary mates Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Brandon Browner probably can’t wait … Continue reading

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