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Pronounced like the general. I'm all about the Celtics, Pats, Sox, and fantasy football...and dogs. Former editor who's back on that writing flow, chiming in on all of the above, with perhaps some comic book news and conspiracy-fueled personal manifestos along the way.

Patriots Chiefs Postgame Thoughts and Quick-Hitters

The Patriots remain in a first-place tie with the Miami Dolphins atop the AFC East after beating the Kansas City Chiefs in an intense battle on Sunday night. What a helluva a game it was, too. It truly was a … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics Releases New Footage of Robot Jumping Over Things, and We Should All Be Scared Shitless

Yesterday, Boston Dynamics released a new video of its “darling” robot Atlas jumping over/on to different objects in their lab, basically looking like Barry Sanders in his prime, for legitimately no other reason than the fact they think it’s cool. … Continue reading

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Patriots Chiefs Week 6 Game Preview, Odds, and Things to Watch For

Two straight wins have vaulted the Pats right back up to the top of the AFC East heading into Week 6. Go ahead and smile, Pats Nation. It’s OK. But don’t get too cocky, as the SCORCHING-HOT, undefeated Kansas City … Continue reading

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Real Talk: WHY Are the Patriots Still Paying Dwayne Allen So Much Money?

OK, I bet nobody was expecting to come across an article on Dwayne Allen today – or anytime soon, for that matter. But upon conducting a little mid-week research, I stumbled across something truly disturbing that I just could not … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Warner Bros. Chooses James Gunn to Write and Direct Next Suicide Squad Film

WOW! Talk about coming out of nowhere. And talk about a huge “EFF YOU” to your former employer. A little over a month ago, we touched upon the James Gunn-Guardians of the Galaxy drama and what it could mean for … Continue reading

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Patriots Pass Rush Still Non-Existent a Third of the Way Through Season

Everyone throughout Patriots Nation is flying pretty high right now after two back-to-back wins – wins in which the Pats outscored their respective opponents, the Dolphins and Colts, by a combined 45 points. Brady’s also been on point over that … Continue reading

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Kyrie Irving Says He’s Going to Re-sign with the Celtics…For Now

Last night, Kyrie Irving uttered the words Celtics fans have longed to hear: “I plan on re-signing here next year.” At a season-ticket-holders-only event at the TD Garden on Thursday night, Kyrie flat-out told the crowd that, if we’ll have … Continue reading

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