Introducing Chase Winovich (AKA Your Soon-to-Be New Favorite Patriot)

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For those who stuck with The 300s this past weekend, you were treated to the very best Patriots draft coverage around. (No, but seriously.) And in case you missed any of it, here’s my full breakdown of the team’s draft-weekend haul.

As I mentioned in that piece, one of the team’s third-round selections this year has already stolen my heart and undying allegiance. He is a 24-year-old, golden-haired BEAST who will soon be dominating opposing NFL offenses for years to come, while at the same time providing plenty of personality and cheeky shenanigans for a locker room now severely lacking in both due to the absence of one Robert James Gronkoswski.

His name is Chase Winovich. Please allow me to introduce you to the Patriots’ newest sensation.

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As a player, Winovich is going to provide quite the punch for a front seven in desperate need of some explosiveness. At 6’3″, 256 pounds with 4.59 speed, Winovich can serve as the perfect compliment to guys like Michael Bennett and the team’s group of other young pass-rushers. Winovich compiled 16.5 sacks and 35 tackles for a loss in three seasons at Michigan, serving as one the nation’s top edge defenders, and he can be pretty solid against the run, too. He’s also got a relentless motor, almost to his own detriment at times, and absolutely epitomizes the term “playing through the whistle.” The guy legitimately does not stop moving when he is out on the field.

Much like his playing style, his mouth is constantly going as well, and he often treats the masses to some very entertaining quips and musings whenever he is on camera. In fact (as I also mentioned in Sunday’s piece), NFL Network’s Good Morning Football dubbed him the draft’s greatest personality, and it’s easy to see why:

Then this morning, NESN’s Zach Cox was able to dig up some film of Winovich from his time with the Wolverines. Not only does it provide visual proof of just how ferocious he is as a defender, but he’s also mic’d up during each of the clips and…well, just take a look:

In case you couldn’t make out what he was saying in the first one, he’s basically screaming at the opposing O-lineman to “PLEASE BLOCK HIM,” a request which the poor gentleman was obviously not able to fulfill. (The fact that he also sounded like a rabid Tasmanian devil the entire time may have made it a bit difficult to make out.) In the second one, he then shares his thoughts on how to…ummm…play through the pain.

This guy is just the right kind of insane, and I cannot WAIT to see him in action.

OH, and he’s also just a really good dude all around. The story of how he started an effort which raised over $200,000 for a special charity dedicated to the research and treatment of severe brain cancer is incredible, and it’s definitely worth a read.

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While we still have to wait about three months before getting a taste of what he’ll look like in real-time NFL action, we’ll hopefully at least be treated to a little something during the team’s rookie minicamp next week (May 10-12).

Either way, I’m absolutely stoked to have this kid on board, and you should be, too. Welcome to Foxborough, Chase Winovich!

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