There’s a Bromance Blossoming Between Julian Edelman and Patriots Rookie Chase Winovich

If you’re a cynic you might say Julian Edelman should find someone his own age, but we don’t choose who we love. Thats exactly what we have brewing here between Edelman and rookie Chase Winovich; bromance. As the great Lupe Fiasco rapped on “Kick Push” oh so many years ago:

Love is what was happening to him now

At 33 years old with a torn ACL, 2 surgeries to fix a broken foot, at least two concussions, a fractured hand, a fractured arm and most recently a busted thumb — I think its safe to say Edelman is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Maybe the veteran receiver sees something in the fun loving free spirit that Chase Winovich (Mattes’ pick for everyone’s soon to be favorite Patriot) seems to be. Maybe Edelman sees himself in Chase. Despite the obsessive work ethic required to make it as a 7th round draft pick in the NFL, Edelman’s always been a quirky, funny dude trapped in the body of a professional athlete/male model.

Or maybe Edelman just remembers how veterans like Wes Welker gave him the cold shoulder (which Brady has done to every young QB ever) when he was coming up and wants to be more of a friend to the rookies.

In any event, Jules’ first love Tom Brady is uber intense and probably not the best guy to goof off with, whereas Chase is a buddy cop pairing for the ages. So I look forward to what kind of cheeky shenanigans these two get into.

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