Steve Ballmer May Rename the LA Clippers. Here’s My Choice AND Custom Jersey Design

LA TimesBallmer would not rule out changing the logo — and the colors, and perhaps even the nickname itself — when the Clippers move into the new arena. “We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to really step our identity up another level,” he said.

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles?

Women, weed and weather.

Okay whats the second thing? The grizzly bear flag of course.

I’m from Boston and as much as I love the sports teams, the charmfully parochial attitude, and the 8 month long winters, I never pass up a chance to visit California. (Huntington Beach is where The 300s west coast office will be based in 2025)  I’ve also always had a fondness for the California grizzly bear flag because if for no other reason it is a sharp look. You could throw these on a uniform tomorrow and Uni Watch would cum themselves. Actually, hang on a sec….

Without further ado, I introduce the California Monarchs and the below jersey that was custom designed by The 300s.

Monarch was apparently the name of the grizzly bear that was the inspiration for the original Cali flag. Needless to say, I want royalties and commissions when you steal this design for your new LA empire, Mr. Ballmer. If nothing else I might just make this a summer league jersey for my mens league team.

And that my friends concludes this episode of how to kill time at the office on a Monday.

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