Florida Man Wrestles Gator to Save His Dog

Chubbs over here never even lost his cigar! This man is my spirit animal and is the perfect embodiment of old guy tough. This dude has seen some shit and was not about to let some wannabe dinosaur steal his best friend right in front of him.

If you’re a dog person you watched this video and just nodded your head in agreement. I’d throw hands with all kinds of wild life to protect my pup. I literally bought, what I termed, a “coyote knife” in case one of those little bastards is feeling froggy while I’m walking my own dog. Not today, coyote.

But all the credit in the world to this guy. He didn’t even hesitate, went right in and grabbed this goddamn thief. Probably made the alligator apologize afterwards. That is, if he didn’t take a souvenir as restitution.

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