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Godspeed Lynchie – For someone so used to saying hello, it’s not easy saying goodbye. Mike Lynch, the gracious and good-humored Channel 5 sports anchor known as “Lynchie’’ to just about anyone familiar with the Boston sports scene over the last … Continue reading

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American Basketball Player in Europe Submits A Drug Test, Finds Out He’s Pregnant

Yahoo – …..The former Ohio University standout never made it, however, and was instead handed a two-year suspension from FIBA for failing a drug test. But it wasn’t performance enhancing drugs, recreational drugs or any of the other usual suspects … Continue reading

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‪Nike Just Unveiled the Official Home Whites of Side Chicks Everywhere

I literally did a double take when I saw this on the Gram last night and had to check that it was actually from Nike and not some meme account. I don’t know why, but a hoodie that says FREAK … Continue reading

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Good Humor Has Unofficially Put Me in Charge of Bringing Back Bubble Play

There are few things I love more than America, Baseball, and Ice Cream. My family sure, but to be honest it’s kind of close. There’s nothing better than sitting at a game in the midst of summer, watching your favorite … Continue reading

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Amanda Knox is Having a Moon-Themed Wedding and She Wants You to Pay For It

Yahoo – In the universe of wacky wedding planning, Amanda Knox’s betrothal to poet Christopher Robinson surely is in a galaxy all its own. The couple have set up a crowdfunding wedding registry site to raise $10,000 to help pay for their … Continue reading

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Now Millennials are Accused of Killing Cereal? My Official Response:

CNN – “General Mills has a cereal problem. It thinks children and aging boomers can help solve it. The cereal category has been shrinking over the past several years as increasingly health-conscious consumers turn to other options. But cereal remains … Continue reading

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On Stealing First Base

In 2006, a movie was released called “Idiocracy.” The basis of the plot is that, over a long period of time, while intelligent professionals continue to focus more and more on their careers rather than personal lives and well, reproduction, … Continue reading

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