Gold Jacket, Green Jacket, Who Gives a Shit?

The ’90s was a great decade, definitely the best of the four decades I’ve lived in. A booming economy, the rise of the world wide web, no major wars and Bubba holding things down in the White House. The ’90s also had more than its fair share of great television and movies. Happy Gilmore was a classic in its time the way Citizen Kane and Casablanca were in the early ’40s. They are great products of their respective times.

Happy Gilmore is also, arguably, the best Adam Sandler film. It is the one film I can quote endlessly with friends, and have them respond in turn with another classic Chubbs Peterson quip.


A lot of ’90s nostalgia can get me feeling pretty old, but I don’t feel as bad when I realize that this movie came out before I hit 10. Looking back on Happy Gilmore 21 years later, here are three quick takeaways.

  1. Julie Bowen (Virginia Venit) looks better today than she did in 1996.fdvumz9
  2. Bob Barker may be the World’s Greatest Master of Ceremonies, but his fight scene in Happy Gilmore brought him adulation from a whole new demographic. It’s hard to imagine all those college students in the audience at The Price is Right in the late ’90s without him kicking Adam Sandler’s ass first.giphy
  3. One more thought on the fight scene. When commissioner Doug Thompson suspends Happy from the tour for getting into a fight with a game show host on national television, what was his archrival Shooter McGavin doing in that meeting?cqaidwpusaainrb

I could go on and on, but you should just pay tribute and watch this classic tonight. It’s the only movie I have on DVD AND VHS. So grab a footlong cold cut combo and settle in for this 92-minute time capsule from the great decade of the 1990’s.

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