Buy Me Some Peanuts and Lobster Poutine


Boston Globe – In the past, Fenway Park has refrained from indulging in extravagant ballpark food trend, opting for tradition over Guy Fieri-esque creations.

But that might be changing this year, if ever so slightly. In addition to Chris Sale, Red Sox fans can look forward to a slate of exotic seafood concessions this season at Fenway.

The new 2017 menu includes a “Lobster Poutine Stak,” a New England take on the French-Canadian late-night delicacy. According to Fenway Park food vendor Aramark, the dish consists of steak fries, covered in fresh lobster meat, cheese curds, bisque, and chives.

I’m old enough to remember when people thought it was cute and funny that Fenway Park was selling clam chowder at April home games. I’m generally opposed to soup at ballparks, but  I’ll allow clam chowder at Fenway. It can’t be any worse than clam chowder out of the can from the supermarket, and it is a New England delicacy being served in New England. If I hear Cincinnati is selling clam chowder I may have a different opinion. Lobster Poutine is where I draw the line, though.

Fenway held its ground as long as it could offering up little more than hot dogs, popcorn, cracker jacks, soda, coffee and beer. The introduction of pizza, burgers and chicken tenders was a welcome sight. Clam chowder and craft beer were understandable. At least they weren’t serving deep-fried nachos on a stick or mac and cheese cones. While greatly overpriced, the concessions at Fenway still had some modesty. Not any more.

Poutine has to be the fastest growing appetizer in the food industry. The basic ingredients are easy enough – french fries, gravy and cheese – and it is also easy to upgrade and customize. With that in mind, Fenway is jumping on two bandwagons – poutine and the crazy ballpark food trend.

Call me skeptical, but I question the quality of ballpark lobster. I imagine it would be similar to gas station steak. At least with gas station steak all parties involved know what they’re getting into. In exchange for questionable meat you can make a steak for four bucks. Can’t wait to see what the actual retail price is for lobster poutine at Fenway. I’ll bid $23, Drew.



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