NBA Agent Accidentally Tweets Out Orlando Magic’s Offseason Plans

Yahoo Sports – The Orlando Magic signed Argentine wing Patricio Garino for the remainder of the season on Monday …Only, by doing so, the Magic inadvertently gave the rest of the NBA a window into their offseason plans. GP Sports agent Carlos Prunes tweeted a congratulatory photo of his client putting pen to paper on a contract…except that Garino signed his deal in front of a dry-erase board that features Orlando’s free-agent and trade options for both hybrid forwards and stretch bigs this coming summer.

What an absolute moron this guy is. Hey look its my client signing a contract with Orlando and making me some money anddd whoops I just tweeted out the Magic’s offseason to-do list!

I imagine the next time the Magic do business with this guy he’ll get the rap star after party treatment; leave your phone at the door.

But how about the Magic GM and front office? Just leaving that shit up on a white board for this dummy to take a picture of? Have some tact for me one time. I mean thats just asking for problems. I have a white board in my office and I erase that shit every time the delivery guy comes in. Not because I’m hiding KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices, but because I don’t want anyone seeing some notes they’re not privy to. Seems like common sense, but hey thats why the Magic have been an absolute dumpster fire since Shaq left and then yet again after Dwight Howard left.

PS – Kelly Olynyk is a target of the Magic? Really? You guys can just have him for a couple of season passes to Orlando Studios. In the words of Michael Bluth:

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