Pittsburgh Pirates Continue to Have the Best Ballpark in the MLB with Super Mario In-Game Contest

As some of you may know, aside from Fenway, PNC Park in Pittsburgh is by far my favorite ballpark in the MLB. Just a great looking park, great sight lines, cheap tickets, easy access from public transport and solid fan giveaways. Now take all of that, throw in some cutting edge technology and sprinkle in some old school gaming nostalgia? That is a goddamn ballpark my friends. And that is exactly what the Pirates did with their new “Super Bucco Run” on the right field wall.

It’s basically an in-game contest for fans to physically compete in, essentially playing in your own version of Super Mario while running the warning track. This is awesome. Take those racing hot dogs, sausages and perogies out behind the shed and put a bullet in their brain because Super Bucco Run is the future.

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