Fake News is the Dumbest Concept Since Crystal Pepsi

I’ve had it up to here with Fake News. Talk about the buzzword of the year. People point to “Fake News” as to why so many are misinformed. No, people are misinformed because a large percentage of this country are sheep with a pack mentality. Build the Wall, I’m With Her, Let it Burn. It can be said for legit every candidate’s followers. People aren’t misinformed because Brad from high school shared a made up story, people are misinformed because people are dumb.

You wanna know how to spot Fake News? Step 1: Is the article from some website you have NEVER heard of? Step 2: Double check your sources (Big J Journalism trick) and see if you can find ANYTHING about that story on ANY other news website. Step 3: Nobody else has even mentioned it? Probably a good indicator its “Fake News.” Step 4: Ignore and go back to mindlessly stalking all your high school friends on Facebook.

You know how many times I’ve seen some moron I went to high school with share an article from some website thats only been in existence for a month? And now because of dumb dumbs like that Zuckerberg has literally created a tool to handhold people into not being bamboozled by Fake News. Read a book for me one time people.

Curt Schilling is the absolute worst about this. The guy literally retweets fake memes from Barstool and points to it like “See?!”

So please get out of my face with Fake News. If Fake News is an issue that you concern yourself with you are a simpleton and I don’t want to know you. Now everyone shut up and resume watching puppy videos. Thats what the internet was made for.

PS – Yes, I have notifications on for anything Zuckerberg posts on Facebook. He’s the brainchild and head of the biggest tech company of our lifetime. Sue me.

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