Red Sox-Yankees Games in April Should Be Outlawed

baseball-rainA spring nor’easter is heading up the east coast this week, with a 100% chance of rain and temperatures in the 40’s in Boston today. Things only look slightly better for tomorrow. Glad the Yankees are in town!

I know there’s no way to please everyone, and I don’t want to ask the league for special treatment, but I am tired of Red Sox-Yankees games in April. The NFL makes sure teams play more divisional games late in the season (the Patriots will only play one non-divisional opponent after Thanksgiving in 2017), why can’t MLB do something similar?

In 2003, the Red Sox didn’t play the Yankees until May 19. Meeting a little bit later in the season allowed each team to get established before squaring off. The anticipation made that first series more compelling. Unbelievably, tickets are still available to tonight’s game through the Red Sox box office. Hell, Bud Deck tables are still available for tonight’s game. How’s that for apathy?

Not meeting until late May also means 19 Red Sox-Yankees games in just over four months. When I went to school in the city during the height of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry in the mid-2000s, classmates would ask why the Red Sox and Yankees play each other every weekend. It was great.

I know the rivalry has cooled off this decade, both teams have been off and on the last few years, but this would seem like an easy fix to generate some buzz. It doesn’t have to be every year, but it would be nice to see the Red Sox and Yankees not meet until Memorial Day occasionally. Let the warm weather rivals own April.

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