Happy Prince Day

KARE 11 – Gov. Mark Dayton has declared Friday as “Prince Day” across Minnesota to honor the legacy of the homegrown music legend, who died April 21st of last year of an accidental painkiller overdose.

I won’t lie, I was never a big Prince fan. In fact, I remember deliberately avoiding his halftime show at Super Bowl XLI. I was still a little upset over the Patriots’ choke job in the AFC Championship game I guess. And that was my loss.

Prince sold more albums than any other artist in 2016, and that includes the one that I bought. Prince is definitely an acquired taste, but the man has an impressive list of hits. It definitely surprised me, and I wish I had paid more attention while he was alive. Just an incredible musician and performer.

I have always firmly believed that U2’s halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVI was the best of all time. After watching Prince, though, it’s close. That should mean a lot coming from a Patriots fan.

So pour one out for Prince tonight, and enjoy the Purple Rain.

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