Uber Just Added Tipping and I’m Furious

Are you shitting me Uber? After all these years and all the money I’ve drunkenly given you. Now you’re going to “add tipping” to Uber? No wonder CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down. This was probably the last straw. I’ve literally retrained my brain to not tip when getting a ride now solely because of Uber. Punch in my address, fall into an Uber, get out and go inside my house. No worries, no scrambling for singles that I don’t have to tip the drive. Uber’s got it covered. Hell, have you take a taxi recently? They roll up to the house and you just get out without paying because you’re so used to the app and the taxi driver starts cussing you out to come back and pay.

I’m sure this is due to driver complaints. When I was out in LA recently the price of Ubers blew me away. They were ridiculously cheap. It takes 40 mins to get across LA regardless of where you go and I was only spending like $20 a pop. I guess its because just about every single wannabe actor, singer, rapper etc. are ALL Uber drivers. So competition is fierce and pay is low.

Sucks to say, but tough shit guys. World needs plenty of bartenders. Uber has changed the game forever and there’s no going back now. You can send all the passive aggressive emails you want Uber, but there’s a 0% chance I’m tipping my driver after years of conditioning to do the exact opposite.

Waiter? 20% Bartender? $5 bucks. Uber driver? Call me Mr. Pink, but sorry, I don’t believe in it. I don’t tip because society says I have to. This tipping automatically? It’s for the birds.

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