Minor League Baseball Team to Honor Bat Dog With Awesome Jerseys

Yahoo – At Trenton Thunder games, you don’t just enjoy a hot dog and a beer. You also enjoy a bat dog and a beer. The New York Yankees Double-A affiliate has used canines in lieu of bat boys for years now. Since 2008, that role has been filled mainly by Derby, the son of the team’s former bat dog Chase. On Monday, the Thunder will honor Derby by wearing jerseys with his face on them. It’s pretty adorable, if you ask us.

Using bat dogs is without a doubt the best thing any minor league team does. Now what is the second best thing? Absolutely ridiculous promo jerseys. Whether its Star Wars night or I remember a team once did Seinfeld night, they’re always awesome and I need to buy one. But combing dope nonsensical jerseys with bat dogs? And you can bring your dog to the game too? Thats a fucking winner right there. I mean just look at these beauties.

I would wear the shit out of that thing. I still have yet to witness a bat dog in person. I was late to a Fisher Cats game in NH last summer and missed the first inning. Apparently Ollie, who is actually the brother of the Trenton bat dog Derby, only works the first inning and now he’s retired. So to say I was devastated is an understatement. Need a bat dog at Fenway. Wally, Tessie and all the little bat boys can kick rocks. Get me a golden retriever on the field and I’ll listen to Jerry Remy’s rants on Asian translators on day long.

Some of the best minor league jerseys I could scope out are below.

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