Uber Will Now Deliver a Big Mac to Your Front Door

Uber, you sly sonofabitch! Look I knew UberEats was a thing because they email me about it reminding me its a thing, but I’ve got GrubHub to handle that. I don’t really want the modern day cab driver handling my food delivery. Stay in your lane, Uber. But, today I get this Woj Bomb about UberEats??

“Prepare your tastebuds! McDonald’s is now at your fingertips with UberEATS. In just a few taps you can have the McDonald’s you love, delivered to you at Uber speed, whenever you’re craving it.”

They’re going to deliver McDonalds? To my house? And I don’t have to take the 10 minutes to hit the drive through? Sign me the fuck up.

GrubHub, you have officially been put on notice. Uber already put the cab industry out of business and they’re shedding dead weight left and right (read: they fired their CEO) so who’s next? Oh GrubHub, you’re a business that relies solely on people’s laziness and other people driving for them? Welp, as Jon Taffer would say, shut it the fuck down. We’re coming for that ass. The fact that I can order a Big Mac from my couch and I don’t even have to put the PS4 sticks down is a gamechanger. Bulking season can’t start back up soon enough.

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