DraftKings WNBA is Here and I’m Already Gambling On It

I am going to have so. much. action. on WNBA games this year. I wrote about this back when the news first dropped and I am just as excited now as I was then.

Finding a WNBA jersey on the racks of AJ Wright (RIP) or Mashalls though has been my white whale. As a huge proponent of ugly and outlandish jerseys I need a WNBA representative in my collection. Hell in college we even had a gigantic, life size Diana Taurasi cutout in our dorm.

Now will I actually watch any of the games? Of course not. Not until one of the ladies can dunk without it making national headlines. And don’t tell me its a more pure game because its “more about the fundamentals than athleticism.” FOH with that. Go start a league with Tim Duncan and everyone can practice their form on jumpers from the elbow.

BUT, allow me to gamble on it? Now I am IN. Its really a shame Bob Kraft hasn’t bought a WNBA team and brought it to the Garden because I would be there front row for that shit. Plus everyone has already mastered NBA and NFL DraftKings so I’m basically burning my money when I play daily fantasy there. WNBA though? That has got to be an untapped market. Not too many WNBA experts walking the streets. Except me of course. So with that being said The 300s officially launched our DraftKings WNBA league this week. Ladies jersey of your choice to the winner.

PS – How bullshit is it that dunks don’t count as extra points?

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