So a Small Contingent of White Walkers Just Rolled Into the Middle of London

So I know I’m new to the 300 (Less than 24 hours) but I like to think although this site is 99.9% sports, it is also a celebration of fandom in general. And nothing screams fandom like the internet geeking out at HBO’s guerilla marketing tactics of sending some motherfucking White Walkers out to promote the new season of GOT that is FOUR days away.

Imagine going about your day as an Englishman/woman. Sipping some tea. Wearing a perfectly cut suit. Calling things that are good “brilliant”. Riding a subway system riddled with double entendres like “Shepherd’s Bush”. Then all of a sudden you look up and the Night King himself and a few of his undead commandos are sauntering toward you. Imagine that mixture of utter terror and unbridled excitement. OMG OMG OMG BEFORE YOU BRUTALLY DISEMBOWEL ME INTO A ZOMBIE CAN I GET A SELFIE FOR INSTA(I imagine American and English basics talk the same way)? Unreal man.

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