The Trailer for Ozark Just Dropped and Good Lord I Am Intrigued


In Netflix’s upcoming drama Ozark, Jason Bateman takes a dark turn as a Marty Byrde, a man trying to live a normal life with his dysfunctional family — while working as the top money launderer for the second-largest drug cartel in Mexico. After his partner is caught embezzling money, he is guilty by association and somehow convinces his vicious handler to spare his life and let him relocate his family and bring his money-laundering ways from the suburbs of Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks.[via Deadline]

Editor’s Note: Introducing Papa Giorgio: “I’ll be bringing you a lot of the entertainment news here on The 300’s, along with the occasional baseball or hockey story. Thanks for having me.”

LET’S GO. I’ve been waiting for a show to give me those Breaking Bad feels since it went off the air in 2013. Lots of shows have come close, but this just might be the one. It’s nice to see Jason Bateman play a role outside Michael Bluth that doesn’t make me roll my eyes (looking at you every movie he’s ever made). Reviews are slowly coming in and they are overwhelmingly positive so let’s hope this isn’t some elaborate cocktease projected by the fake news. Ozark premieres this Friday, July 21st on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.

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