Jaylon Smith Is Going To Play With One Fully Functioning Foot?

Cowboys will use caution with Jaylon Smith in his return

So for those who don’t know Dallas Cowboys and former Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith suffered a DEVASTATING knee injury to end his college career. Pretty much tore everything and anything in his knee and suffered nerve damage to boot. What makes it worse is he was doing the “team first” thing and strapping on the gold dome one last time to help his team win a bowl game rather than sitting it out and prepping for the draft.

After a year and a half or so of rehab Smith can now run, cut etc. and wants to try and play and it looks like the Cowboys are willing to give it a shot as well. His knee seems to be able to do and take enough. The kicker, no pun intended, is that the goddam nerve in his knee hasn’t recovered, or regenerated to be more accurate, fully if at at all. Think about that. My rotator cuff was bothering me so I took a week off from the gym. Jaylon Smith doesn’t have a fully functioning nerve and thus doesn’t have full feeling or activity in his knee and he’s gonna try and play pro football. He even suffers from a condition called drop foot. What’s that? Well, dangle your leg off something but keep your foot at a 90 degree angle, such as if you were to jump down you’d land flat on your flat feet. Ya he can’t that, foot just falls all flimsy. Every step he takes his foot just drops and flops. Absolutel debacle. It can be somewhat mitigated by a verrrry special kind of brace but even then it’s barely putting a band-aid on the problem.

It sucks for a kid that talented and hard working to have it all taken away like that, but it is as inspiring as all holy hell to see him try and make his dreams come true anyway. Here’s to hoping he can get it done.


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