Floyd Mayweather Has To Make At Least A Half-Hearted Attempt on Conor’s McGregor’s Life, Right?

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So over the weekend you might have seen Conor McGregor achieving cuckold-ception while Floyd Mayweather got cuckhold-cepted. I don’t mean this in one of the infinite loose ways the term cuckold now gets thrown around, I mean literally.

You see, that isn’t any old NBA jersey the fashion maven McGregor thought looked good with the day’s color scheme. That’s C.J Watson’s jersey. C.J Watson is a current/former NBA player (he didn’t make a roster last year) who banged out one of Mayweather’s baby mamas right in his goddam face. This is all the more inflammatory as Floyd’s discovery of this fact is what triggered his infamous domestic violence case. Now 7 years later The Notorious is just struttin around, as he is wont to do, openly mocking the most embarrassing chapter of Floyd’s life. Brutal.

For me however, the worst part of this whole thing is that it brings back to light who exactly it was that this woman slept with to enrage Floyd. Wasn’t Kobe. Wasn’t known cuckold enthusiast Derek Fisher. Shit this was 2010 and it wasn’t even a guy like Rashard Lewis. Nope, The greatest boxer of his generation was replaced with C.J Watson, a backup PG that averaged 8 and 3 for his career playing for 5 different teams. Floyd was basically getting subbed out for a D (G?) Leaguer. Just embarrassing. Now you have Conor wearing the guy’s jersey. It might be the only merch C.J Watson ever sold.

So again I ask, doesn’t Floyd Mayweather at least have to like, mail McGregor some anthrax or something? Maybe pull out a letter opener at the next presser and run at him before getting purposely tackled by a security guard? Beating Conor McGregor up in an organized boxing match really isn’t going to remedy this, not publicly at least and probably not personally for Floyd. He’s gotta go some sort of medieval.


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