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If You Stay Up Really Late For An Extra-Innings Game, You Have No One To Blame But Yourself

Now mind you I’m not that huge of a baseball fan so I don’t really follow the Sox with a great amount of zeal until the playoffs/a tight end of year playoff race, but I keep tabs on them enough to know that there have been a couple of long ones recently. I also am on social media and listening to the radio enough to know that people love nothing more than to humblebrag about having “stayed up for it” only to see them lose.

I’m here to tell you this: if you stay up until “3:00am”, “2:00am” etc. for an extra innings baseball game, win OR lose, you have no one to blame but yourself. There are 162 baseball games a year, all of them count the same, and you know if you have work the next day, so it is on you and you alone, a Goddam adult, to make the decision if you want to stay up to watch one specific game. More to the point, watching a game through extra’s and then bitching about it is like if movie goers of yore walked out of the theater bitching about how they sat all the way through 3 hours of “Titanic” only to watch Jack die and then went home and wrote one of the first dozen scathing Rotten Tomatoes reviews about it. You decided to see this through. Keep your whining to yourself.

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