UPS Delivery Man Takes Down Package Thief in the South End

If theres one group of people you do not want to fuck with its people in the service industry, ESPECIALLY delivery guys and mailmen. There’s a reason they call it going POSTAL when people lose their shit. Walking through neighborhoods in 95 degree heat to deliver you mail that you know and he knows that you will never open and probably throw straight in the trash. And on top of all that you got some shithead who’s gonna steal a package right from under this guy’s nose? So this UPS driver said nay, no more, not on my watch. I don’t care if you work at Wal-Mart, at some point you gotta take a little personal pride in your work, especially when someone is fucking with your job. I used to work as a bouncer back in the day and we routinely had to refuse people if they had too much to drink, but if you were cool about it we may let it slide. But when you’re a loud, mouthy dickhead? Well guess what? Me and every other guy making $10/hour just made it our life’s mission to make sure you have a shitty time. And thats what this UPS guy did. He had enough. You do not fuck with a man at his job unless you’re ready to face the repercussions. And in this case it was an old black man, who just happened to be a former track athlete, chasing you down and tackling you to the ground until the police arrived. Pick your battles wisely boys.

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