Pour One Out for Patriots Great Vince Wilfork Who Retired Today

Leave it to the big man to retire doing the only thing he loves more than football; grilling and dancing.

“No more cleats, I’m moving on to smoked meats”

I’m gonna need a pair of No. 75 Wilfork overalls. Rompers are out. Overalls are in.

But seriously, round of applause to Big Vince for an outstanding career with the Patriots. A 325 pounder with the baby soft hands of a wide receiver.

Guy was an absolute ANIMAL on the field…

…and a teddy bear off of it.

Wilfork went from a 1st round pick to starting in the Super Bowl his rookie year  to underrated D-Lineman to the undisputed best nose tackle in the game to the wise veteran to the Grill Master you see today. We’ll miss ya Vince. Now CUE THE HIGHLIGHTS

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