Time to Make the Donuts: Red Sox Turned a Triple Play Last Night

So the Red Sox turned a triple play against the Cardinals last night, their first one in 6 years. Sure having Yadier Molina running in his snowshoes helped, but hey a triple play is a triple play.

The first triple play I can remember watching live was back in like 2006 when Hanley Ramirez turned an unassisted triple play in spring training. It was glorious. He leaped high to snag a line drive, ran over to second and threw to first to grab all 3 outs himself. Then the Sox traded him shortly after and I didn’t get to see him play at Fenway for another 10 years. I’d show you guys, but this one doesn’t seem to be in the interwebs catalogues so you’ll have to take my word for it. This was before Hanley became the defensive liability we know him as today and had to move to third base, then left field and now first base (read: DH). I’ll never forget reading the scouting report on Double-A prospect Hanley Ramirez’s defense at SS: “He’ll make a competent outfielder one day.” Kind of!

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