Shoutout to Dentists for Legitimately Just Giving Up On Getting People to Floss

You know when you go to the dentist and after they destroy your mouth they send you home with a little care package? They usually send you home with the bag full of new swag; a new toothbrush, some toothpase, maybe a few coupons and of course floss. Well, no more my friends. After years of going to the dentist and being interrogated under that hot light on when was the last time I flossed.

After years of that passive aggressive approach, it would appear the dental community has said fuck it, we’re not going to waste any more floss on you heathens.

Got in my car, went to check my bag and there was no floss to be found. Not even one of those fluoride sticks. It would seem dentists have had enough. We appease them, we tell them we floss, but they know we’re lying. They’re literally inside your mouth, they can tell you haven’t flossed since the Bush administration.

And now they just do not care any more. I gotta say, its kind of refreshing. Its the first time I thought, well shit I may have to go buy some floss at the store, ever. We’re all just children anyways, put the onus on us and maybe we’ll do it. But give me a free mile of floss? That shit ends up in the trash before I even make it home. Reverse psychology at its finest.

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