Shout Out to Vince Wilfork for Skipping his Gillette Tailgate BBQ to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston

247 SportsVince Wilfork will not be in New England for his retirement tailgate. The former Patriots nose tackled retired from the NFL earlier this offseason and in his announcement teased a big tailgate party in the Gillette Stadium parking lot as he partnered up with Kingsford to send off his career in the league. However, Wilfork announced on social media that he’ll no longer be in the region for the tailgate or the opener as he’s elected to stay in Houston to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. “It’s one of those things when Mother Nature calls, it calls,” he said in a video expressing his desire to help.

I was so damn excited for Vince Wilfork’s retirement BBQ tailgate party. It looked like it was gonna be a blast with the big man grilling and smoking meats with the best of em before the Pats start their Super Bowl defense.

But in true Big Vince fashion, Wilfork knew he could do more good by helping out down in Texas after that sonofabitch Harvey did its best to smash Houston.

So good for Wilfork realizing whats really important and doing what he can to help out in the only other city he’s ever known as an NFL player.

Do your thing Vince, but please we gotta see a tailgate BBQ later this season. Need to see those overalls in Foxborough.

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