Get Me Andrew Bogut On This Celtics Team ASAP

CBS Sports – Andrew Bogut is nearing a return to the NBA, and the Celtics are reportedly among the four teams interested in the Australian big man’s services. Bogut, who hasn’t played since March after breaking his leg, underwent a final bone scan on Tuesday and is expected to be cleared to hit the floor in the near future. The seven-footer hopes to sign with a team within the next week, with four teams already showing interest. The Celtics are one of those four teams, according to The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmeslbach.

The Celtics No. 1 weakness for years has been their (lack of) rebounding on both ends of the glass. Usually they seemingly just punt on it and say rebounding will “be a team effort.” Which is a great way to say, we know we’re gonna finish at the bottom of the league in that stat again. They finished 26th in the league last year.

After being one of the most sought after big men at the trade deadline last year, Bogut ultimately signed with Cleveland after getting bought out by the 76ers. Tell me you don’t like my idea, tell me you don’t like my firm, tell me you don’t like my fucking neck tie, but don’t tell me the Celtics aren’t one of the most intriguing teams to join right now, Andy.

Bogut infamously broke his leg in minute 1 on the floor for the Cavs last year. Now healthy the 32-year-old Center is back on the FA market and the Celtics are reportedly 1 of 4 teams interested in the big man. Get this guy on board, Danny. Especially if he’s willing to take the veteran’s minimum. That would allow us to put the Marc Gasol rumors to bed, since we’d have to trade half our roster just to fit Gasol under the salary cap.

Its also a pretty strong coincidence that after the Isaiah-Kyrie trade the Celtics have had one open roster spot looming so I think Danny is hunting for a veteran on the cheap like Bogut. Not a big time scorer as he averaged 2.9 pts last season, but he did average 8.1 rebounds and is a literal 7 footer. His career numbers are 10 pts, 8.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists so maybe his scoring bounces back a bit being in one spot for the entire year, but his rebounding has been consistent his whole career. He’d be a great guy to have on the bench and a true Center to pair with Aaron Baynes, while allowing Al Horford to play where he prefers. Horford played well at Center last year, but similar to how the C’s used to use Garnett, its not his true position. I think Horford playing better was more a matter of him amping up his intensity more than playing the 5.



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