Here’s the Billion Dollar DraftKings Lineup

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As I mentioned on The 300s podcast Monday, this Billion – With a B – Dollar Challenge from DraftKings was complete and total bullshit with a B. Daily Fantasy Sports Codes proved my point when they reported that the Billion Dollar Lineup would have scored 232.98 points, while the top lineup for the week only scored 198.44.

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Here’s a comparison of the top lineup and the “perfect” lineup, from Daily Fantasy Sports Codes:


I can’t believe no one thought to draft three Lions, three rookies and a bottom-ten defense from a year ago to crack the code.

Again, I understand that a contest for such a large sum of money has to be nearly to impossible to win. The Billion Dollar Bracket is damn near impossible to win but at least offers a tiny glimpse of hope. I’m pretty good at predicting first round games. If I run the table in the first round, it’s just 31 more coin flips in a row that need to go my way for the billion. Also, I can pick all four one seeds in the first round. The billion dollar lineup was not that simple.

It was not “pick the best player at all these positions.” That would be hard enough. It was draft “the lineup that scores the most DraftKings fantasy points that could possibly be scored within the salary cap and position requirements.” I’d rather take my chances with Powerball. I know for a fact someone has won Powerball in the past. I don’t think anyone in a thousand years will draft the “perfect” lineup.

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