RGIII and Santana Moss are Beefing Over…..Mike Shanahan?

ESPNRobert Griffin III celebrated when the Washington Redskins fired coach Mike Shanahan, former teammate Santana Moss said. However, Moss told a local radio station, Griffin’s giddiness hurt him in the end. Griffin denies having done so and, via Twitter on Tuesday, told Moss that “to openly lie about me is a betrayal.”

If I’m Robert Griffin ya know what I’m saying to Santana Moss? Fuck you bro. Seriously. So RGIII denies Santana Moss’ claim below that Griffin celebrated when Shanahan got fired by the R-words.

“When the whole thing went about, we hear that Mike Shanahan’s not coming back the next year, then we hear the quarterback like, ‘Hey. Mm-hmm,'” Moss told The Fan. “Like, basically saying that, ‘Hey, you got me out of here not playing last year, the last few games, then that’s what happens. You get fired.”

Griffin SHOULD have celebrated. Shanahan fucking RUINED Griffin’s career. After being the second overall pick in 2012, playing at a record setting level and winning Rookie of the Year, Griffin was poised for an exciting and game changing career. Then after hurting his knee in the playoffs Shanahan’s the guy running his franchise QB back out into a game on a shaky knee that he should not have been playing on; especially not as a mobile QB.

Not surprisingly Griffin completely fucks his knee up and his career is basically over after that as he’s never the same. So if I’m RGIII I’m dancing on Mike Shanahan’s grave when he gets fired a year later. Especially if I’m now reduced to playing pickup ball at the YMCA like a washed up high school workout warrior.

My advice? Embrace the hate Robert. Blow up Mike Shanahan and Santana Moss’ spot. People would respect that. Hell maybe thats what gets you back in the league because its definitely not your lightning rod politics that are keeping you out of the league. Develop a bad boy reputation, embrace the haters. No pressure no diamonds.

Remember that Rob. I’d watch out if I was Santana though, RGIII isn’t even subtweeting anymore. The gloves are clearly off now.

For one of the most exciting players of the last 10 years, RGIII just cannot catch a break. #FreeRGIII

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