This is Not a Drill. Jimmer Fredette Now Has His Own Shoe Line in China.

Yahoo – Jimmer Fredette was the leading scorer in China last season, averaging 37.6 points a night and dropping 73 in one game. He’s big time. And big time guys get their own shoe lines. Jimmer got a signature shoe line teaming up with 361 shoes out of China, as ESPN’s Nick DePaula reports.

I haven’t even seen how much these cost yet and I already know they 100% will be purchased. They’ll just have to be a content expense for The 300s. Big Baller Brand can kick rocks, we got the Fredette’s dropping soon. Sneak peak at the shoes below as reported by Nick DePaula:

Looking like I need those, ten and a half and if you got em give me two of those!

Fredette was my ideal player; not particularly athletic, decent handle, came out of a small college, but can shoot the goddamn lights out from 3 point land. This guy put on a show every night at BYU, butttt his slow, white guy, spot up 3 point shooting YMCA style offense didn’t translate particularly well to the NBA. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a deadly sniper I always traded for or signed any time I picked up the sticks on NBA 2K. So since going to China he’s basically become the white Michael Jordan over there. Fredette AVERAGED 37.6 points a game. Topped out one night at 73. Thats video game shit. As a proponent of buying stupid shit I don’t just want the new Fredette’s, I need them.


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