Mayor of LA Says He Didn’t Even Want the Chargers in LA

Yahoo –  I’ve written often about how the Los Angeles Chargers‘ relocation is the worst in modern American professional sports history, how L.A. didn’t want the Chargers and how its apathy has grown more obvious now that games have started…Even Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti can’t pretend to be fired up…“We embrace any team that comes, we’re certainly happy to have the Chargers in L.A.,” Garcetti said during a recent interview on “The Dan Patrick Show.” “But I think we could have been happy with just one [team], too.”

Bahaha. What a slap in the face for a team that just basically told their fans of 50 years to screw as the Chargers moved down to LA to become the second team that city didn’t need. Its like breaking up with your longterm girlfriend only to have the smokeshow you left her for get sick of you in 2 weeks. We all said it. LA is too apathetic, too many transplants, no one will care about an NFL team, let alone two. And now the fucking mayor is even saying it.

 “I think we could have been happy with just one [team], too.

Thats gotta sting if your Chargers owner Dean Spanos. Sure Garcetti later goes on to say getting the Chargers was “gravy” but thats like a girl calling her fat friend “nice.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

“It’s amazing. Through the years, cities have treated landing a new pro team like a historic, city-changing event. In many ways, it is. Los Angeles didn’t exactly go crazy about the Rams, but there was some buzz. There’s practically none for the Chargers, and Garcetti said the city would have been fine had the Chargers stayed in San Diego.”

Lets face it, moving 2 hours down the road from San Diego to LA is not nearly as sexy as a team making the pilgrimage from St. Louis and relocating to LA. Plus, as the Chargers are now learning:

Maybe moving into the shiny new Inglewood stadium in a couple of years will help, but they’re always going to be the little brother team as the Rams started this whole SoCal operation. Buttt the Rams do suck pretty bad at football, so who knows maybe the Chargers get good before the Rams and become the city’s favorite football team…behind USC.

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